Basics for Getting An Employment Visa

A person who plans to apply for a work visa to participate in the Hong Kong must understand that the way to satisfy an application is full of pitfalls. The smallest error with respect to presentation, classification, health and vaccination needs or preparation for an interview can lead to a delay or direct rejection of the application.

Obtaining a course visa to the Hong Kong can be very confusing. First, you will need an employer willing to sponsor you with this work visa. Preparing an hr company hong kong for this job is not an easy task. As a rule, you must demonstrate to your employer that your skills, talents and work knowledge cost the time and energy necessary to obtain a work visa, and that it is impossible to find an employee who complies with your competences and who currently resides legally in the Hong Kong.


How to apply for a work visa

If you actually acquire an employer of this type, you must find out which of the 5 main categories of work visas is below:

  1. Employment First Inclination (E1): priority workers
  2. The second attraction to employment (E2): professionals with complex degrees and people with exceptional abilities.
  3. Third preference for employment (E3): skilled workers, professionals and unskilled personnel (other employees)
  4. Fourth employment option (E4): specific immigrants

Fifth desire towork (E5): immigrant investors.

The Hong Kong immigration authorities they issue approximately 140,000 employment visa hong kong each fiscal year. To be considered a work visa, your prospective employer must first obtain a labor certification from the Ministry of Labor. As a general rule, this permission to attract a foreign worker. On the other hand, employers who hire employees with an E1 rating (group employees) or E5 (immigrant investors) are not required to approve certification. Immediately after the approval of the work certificate (if necessary), you must file an immigration petition for a foreign worker, Form I-140. To facilitate the process and ensure the provision of documents and accurate types, it is recommended to hire an immigration lawyer.

Spouses and children of potential applicants, if applicable, must also follow specific recommendations that they must reside in the Hong Kong during the entire period of employment. Certification and documentation for these people will be necessary, and their presentation must be within the guidelines and deadlines established by law.


A competent and experienced immigration lawyer seeks a successful outcome in all stages of a work visa. He or she ensures that the application procedure is simple and that the rights and obligations of the applicant are guaranteed with the utmost care and attention.