Mariyam Dawood and Her Support in Sick Kids Foundation

There is a great need for people who are generous, charitable and who look forward for the welfare of the world. These people are selfless and they offer all their support to different charitable causes without caring about the return they would get. These acts by these people will not only please their deity but also gives them an immense amount of inner peace to them.

The Dawood family is one such family. Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood are two business personneland philanthropists from Pakistan and are famous worldwide for their extensive hand in various charitable purposes. They give charity and funds to many famous organisations and also have their own foundations which work to help people in need.

Kids Foundation

SickKids Foundation

SickKids foundation is a child health oriented foundation of Canada which has its roots in looking after children’s’ health since 1875. The prime goal of this foundation is to completely eradicate illness from the youths of today.

This foundation works in a very expansive manner. Not only it provides funds for sick children, but it also invests in various new medical technologies so that it will create a forever lasting impact on the medical world.

The Dawood Family’s contribution to SickKids

The Dawood family of Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood are very notable when it comes to healthcare funding facilitating education among children. They have given their extensive support to SickKids foundation by giving substantial donations to the foundation so that it can accomplish its goals effectively. They not only donate to clinical for physical and mental illness, but also fund in innovations in the field of medicine.