Some Interesting Facts to Learn about Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a boon of the modern medical science and technology. It ensures the most precious gifts to the couples who have biological problems or physical inabilities to become parents. Every couple in the world wants to enjoy the beautiful moment of parenthood. They want to spend time in raising kids. But, a few couples are unfortunate to enjoy this heavenly experience. Thanks to the science and technology, they can fulfill their wish of becoming parents with surrogacy process. The most important thing here is to find a surrogate. In the following section, find some interesting and crucial facts on surrogacy.

Legal Complications

In different countries, different surrogacy rules can be found. In some countries, the rules are a little simple and in other countries they could be complicated. In fact, some countries do not allow surrogacy under any conditions or circumstances. So, before thinking about surrogacy, a couple must learn legal implications that are connected to this process.

Not for Convenience

In most of the countries, surrogacy is only allowed when a couple is physical unable to give birth to a baby. Either the man could be unable to create healthy sperm or the woman could be unable to give birth to baby due to physical complications. So, it is a process that helps couples who are physically or biologically unable to give birth to kids. If couples can give birth to babies, they cannot use surrogacy as a matter of convenience.

Establishment of Genetic Connection

For surrogacy, establishment of genetic connection is important and mandatory. Healthy sperm and eggs from couples have been collected to form embryo. Sometimes, couples have some complications. The male partner cannot create sperm or the female partner cannot create eggs due to biological problems. In such cases, genetic connection is established with the potent half of a couple to form embryo before it is implanted in body of surrogate.

Provision of Abortion

Accordingly law and order of the country or state, abortion is allowed in case of surrogacy till certain month of pregnancy. If carrier has health issues or risks, she can undergo abortion process.