Following the success of this animation, many fans found themselves re-watching it every chance they got. This was in a bid to keep the memory of Totoro alive. Fortunately, now you can have your favorite character with you without having to rely on your memory alone. There are several items that you can get to remind you of my neighbor Totoro.

Totoro printed throw pillow

You can now have a constant reminder of your favorite character in your home with the use of these amazing throw pillows that come in different colors. You will definitely get a color that will fit perfectly in your home.

Totoro print T-shirt

These cotton T-shorts are not only comfortable but also attractive. You get T-shirts of different designs for women as well as Unisex T-shirts. The come in different sizes and prints which will certainly suit your style.

Totoro Plush Gray

These are amazing and they come in different sizes ranging from 16cm to 40cm. They make great decorative items and the kids will definitely love having a play companion in Totoro. They make great characters when telling the kids a story of your favorite animation which they will be able to relate with if they have physical figures to remember my neighbor Totoro by.

My neighbor Totoro Led night light figure

Sometimes all you need is a miniature reminder of your favorite character. This would look perfect anywhere you put it, it could be at home or on your office desk. It could be that thing that makes you smile on a hectic day when everything seems to go wrong. It has attractive colors that would fir in with any décor.

Whichever your choice, you will not fail to get a reminder of My Neighbor Totoro that you will not find appealing. These figures bring this incredible animation back to life and it will always be a reminder of the wonderful acts of Totoro. These figures have been delicately designed to be durable such that you will keep the memory of Totoro for a long time to come.