A guide to using Instagram

Instagram is where social media gets creative in its most visual form. Instagram allows you to create a photo album online with options for editing, creating and publishing instantly. This feature of Instagram has made it an invaluable companion for both the social media savvy as well as firms looking to expand their coverage.

So how do you use Instagram?

Instagram is basically an app that is used as an editing tool for photos/videos. It then allows you to share your photos on multiple social media platforms like facebook, twitter etc.

You can follow others posts or Like or Comment on other photos shared publicly on the platform. You can also make your posts private using ‘Instagram Direct’ that allows you to share your photos with only selected people.

1- Connect with others

Instagram allows you to connect with billions of people. You can connect with your friends, families, and relatives. You can also connect with celebrities. At the same time, you can make new connections and friends who share the same interest as you.

2- Show your skills

Instagram can be used effectively by artists, photographers, and enthusiasts to share their pictures and images. Since you can upload photos directly from your mobile device, it is very handy and easy. You can then use the editing tool to hone your image and share it, all with just a click and flip.

3- Organizing

Instagram allows you to categorize and boost your images using hashtags. The hashtags function is amazing in that the hashtag sign placed before any keyword makes it more visible not only to us but to others as well.

4- Share your posts

You can also share your photos not only on Instagram but also other social media. This makes legal to buy followers a very useful app for advertising and promotion.

5- Buy Instagram followers

While it may not be possible to get instant followers when you sign up, you can purchase Instagram followers if you are new to the website. Websites like befollowers allow you to buy Instagram followers at a good bargain. This way, you don’t have to worry about growing your viewership. Instead, you can concentrate on your message