How to choose a VPN service suited to our needs

When hiring a VPN service it is advisable to take into account certain parameters to ensure that our choice is correct. If we think in terms of security, the first thing that will come to mind is that the VPN service does not keep logs of our activity. But apart from this parameter, there are other parameters that we can analyze, such as those that we will see throughout this article.

Aspects to consider Choosing a VPN  do you save logs to your VPN provider?

Obviously, it is important that our VPN free proxy service advertises that it does not save logs and does not register our activity. But in most cases, the reality is very different from the one we are sold because in many countries there are data retention laws. So even if the VPN service says that it does not keep logs, trust and value the rest of the points that you will see in this article. Collaborate with the authorities to ensure the continuity of your business. Give all the available data because I’m sure they’ll prefer that you go to jail before them. No one wants their business to be used to carry out illegal activities such as DDOS attacks, transmit inappropriate content, etc.

Payment methods offered by the VPN service

Obviously, the more payment methods we have available, the better. However, we must be aware that at the moment we pay, we are giving precise information about our identity.

Therefore, if you are concerned about privacy, it may be interesting to contract VPN services that offer the possibility of paying anonymously

VPN service

Some anonymous forms of payment are the following:

  • Pay with pseudo anonymous cryptographic coins like Bitcoin.
  • Payment through prepaid gift cards.
  • Pay through Internet services that guarantee us to pay anonymously.
  • Location of VPN servers

There are 2 factors to consider to determine if the location of a VPN server is adequate to our needs.

  • The first factor is the privacy offered by the VPN server location.
  • The second factor is to evaluate the countries in which the VPN we want to hire offers service

Choice of server location based on privacy

If you are only thinking in terms of privacy my advice is that you distrust all the VPN services located in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Holland, France, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey, Luxembourg, Japan, Poland, etc.