The current living involves so many things.Whatever we do at the moment is connected to technology. For sure technology has occupied our lives.When we talk about being online, it means the two things in the know, the internet, and computers.For sure the cases which involve the many changes that technology brought. We just cannot talk about them at once. Technology has meant our lives are also changed. Our culture is changed. Our lifestyle we changed. Without technology there could be no hospitals, schools,  vehicles, smartphones, just to mention but a few. We now have youtube proxy, which helps at updating us.

A simple consideration shows that when it comes to updates in any business the experts will always do a better job. So we must involve the experts in the operations of our business which are connected to YouTube. There is every reason to praise technology for what it has done for us, and is still doing. Technology has for sure taken us places. We have totally changed society because of technology.


We appreciated and recognized a lot about technology. It has made us be many steps ahead as compared to past generations. We are no longer primitive and backward people we used to be many days and years ago. We are better off and its no lie.Technology has given us the reality that we use to improve. We are better day after day. Our lives are our own. We shall live to take technology along with us.