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The Cat Who Crossed The Ocean Cover Phot

The Cat Who

Crossed The Ocean

by Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler

"The Cat Who Crossed The Ocean" is about two cats named Semolina and Marginal. The cats live on Staten Island and when a lady from Manhattan adopts Marginal, Semolina finds herself lonely and missing him. She discovers that Marginal left behind the red ribbon that the two of them always played with and so she decides to cross the harbor, which she calls "the ocean," to find Marginal and bring him the red ribbon.

The Diary Of Denver Pontiac Book Cover.j

The Diary Of Denver Pontiac

by Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler

Denver Pontiac discovers a diary in his attic that he wrote through much of his childhood and adolescence. At the age of 65, Denver relives his past he discovers that he has had a blessed life and that he learned a lot of life lessons along the way.


The Chanteuse Sleigh Ride

Have you ever wondered how Christmas songs spread all over the world beginning on Thanksgiving?


Robin And The Giant, along with their friend Kenneth and their dog, Mockey Grable, win an opportunity to ride along on the Chanteuse Sleigh on the night before Thanksgiving to help distribute Chrismas songs all over the world.


Along the way they realize that it is not always a smooth flight because of turbulence brought about by the troubles and strife facing many people. It is this turbulence that helps the children realize that bringing joy to the world is something each of us can participate in.

You Count, I Count Book Cover.jpg

You Count, I Count


What would you do if someone you cared about didn't feel important? That is the dilemma that Robin and The Giant find themselves in in "You Count, I Count."


Best friends in the third grade, Robin and The Giant go to a concert to see their favorite band named Count. But, just as the show is ready to begin, the leader of the band, named One, announces that the drummer, named Four, is missing.


Robin and The Giant volunteer to search for Four. They find him at a pet shop with the puppies but it is not easy to convince him to go back to the theater for the concert. He doesn't feel as important as the other numbers and he explains why.


Do Robin and The Giant have any ideas to make Four feel better about him self and boost his self-esteem? Read "You Count, I Count" and you will be delighted to learn how this story ends.

Robin And The Giant: The Kite Tail Wish

This is an illustrated story featuring Robin And The Giant. In this story, Robin wishes she had a dog. The children had heard that some people believe if you write a wish on the tail of a kite that the wish will come true. So they give it a try!

Live To Sniff: A Tale of Two Pups 

This is an illustrated story about a male puppy from the country and a female puppy from the city who live two different lives in two different places. Then, one day, the two pups have a chance meeting. But, will they ever meet again?

The Gift Of The Barking Frog And Other Gifts From The Heart: 56 Short Stories from the Robin And The Giant Radio Show Kindle Edition


The Robin And The Giant Radio Show was a children's radio program that aired during the 1990s on Digital Cable Radio. The program, created and hosted by Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane, featured the hosts performing "in character" as Robin and The Giant. The program was one hour long and was broadcast once a week. It featured the signature dialogue of Robin And The Giant, original short stories, and original songs to accompany the theme of each story. Hundreds of stories were written by MacBlane and Whitler. This book has preserved 56 of those stories. The rest of them are lost forever.

Oreo And Braun: XOB, The Full Circle Quest


Two nine year old boys, named Oreo and Braun, accidentally discover a time portal when they attempt to return a walking cane to an old man in the restroom of a restaurant. They step back into 1941 but are unable to return to their own time (1996) when they carry the cane through the doorway. In the process the boys meet a series of characters and some important lessons are learned about discrimination.

Guardians Of The Apple Tree Seedlings

"Guardians Of The Apple Tree Seedlings" is a collection of 31 stories written and illustrated by Larry Whitler.

The common element in each of the stories is that there is an apple tree seedling, and a guardian of that apple tree seedling, involved in each one of the stories.


The seedlings serve as a metaphor for potential and each story sheds light from a different angle on that one aspect of being human that we all share with one another.

(Please note that many of these stories are more for adults).

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