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Aegir And Melina

We really have a very long history. Recently we were talking about some of the stories that we wrote for the old radio show we did on Digital Cable Radio. We wrote close to 200 stories. Many of them are lost forever. But we self-published a book (thank goodness) that preserved 56 of those stories. The book is called "The Gift Of The Barking Frog."

Well, one of the stories in that book is titled "Aegir and Melina." It is based on one of our original songs. The song was, at first, about a girl and a whale but in the first story the whale dies. When the story was re-written the whale was changed to a dolphin and, instead of anyone dying, the little girl, Melina, moves away.

So, in this new incarnation of Robin And The Giant we decided to re-tell that story with illustrations. The first illustration is the one you see below. It is not a story that features the characters of Robin and The Giant. This story features the dolphin, named Aegir, and the little girl named Melina. We'll keep you updated on the progress of this project.

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