• Robin And The Giant

An exciting new beginning

We are very excited to announce that we have reinvented our characters, Robin And The Giant, into eight year old children who will be featured in upcoming picture books for children. The first book is already underway. The working title of the first book is "Mockey Grable Finds A New Home." We'll share updates about the new book on this blog.

For now, here is a drawing showing the new look of Robin and The Giant.

That is Robin standing on the back of the tricycle. The Giant is the boy with the striped shirt walking next to the wagon. The boy operating the tricycle is, of course, Kenneth the Chauffeur.

Robin And The Giant live inthe Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Robin is the featured actress in a breakfast cereal commercial and The Giant has the prestigious job of hall monitor in the school (making him a natural to be Robin's security guard).

Yes! This is an exciting new beginning for us. We originally created Robin And The Giant in 1988 but this is the first time we have developed visual depictions of our characters to be featured in their own series of children's picture books.

- Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane

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