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Drawing On Glass

As a newbie in the world or digital art I am pleased that there are a lot of old skills that actually work. Being able to use the same understanding of color and shading in digital art that we used in traditional art is a very good thing and makes the so-called "learning curve" a lot easier to navigate.

It is to the credit of the software designers that they had the foresight to keep art making as similar in the digital world to the way it is in the traditional world. The paint, the brushes, the canvas, the ink, and the pencils all are virtual and that takes some time to adjust to. Even the tactile experience of connecting a brush, pencil, or pen to an art surface is changed. Drawing and painting on glass is definitely one of the "learning curves."

Then there are the tools that don't exist in traditional art. Layering, for one, is an awesome tool. So is the ability to adjust color, saturation, focus, brightness, and contrast. These new tools make it much easier to experiment because I know that if something doesn't work that I can change it or discard it.

I could carry and write more about this new-to-me art form but I'm guessing my experience is no different than other artists who have entered the world of digital.

The bottom line for me is that this is a blast. I am having fun and I truly think the artwork has new life breathed into it. New life. That is what Spring is about. That is what Easter is about. Well, that and chocolate.

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