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Juggling Three Projects

After titling this post "Juggling Three Projects" it occurred to us that we are, in fact, currently juggling more than three projects. But the "three" referenced in the title is strictly art. Everything else is life itself. This is where we are tempted to be philosophical but we will refrain from that and spare you our thoughts on life. Chances are you have the same thoughts, anyway.

So, here are the three projects: There is "The Kite Tail Wish" which is a Robin And The Giant story currently in progress. The artwork is being done traditionally using acrylic paint on illustration board. There is a good likelihood that the finished pieces will be somewhat manipulated digitally. Not sure about that so we'll see.

The second project is another Robin And The Giant story. This is the story that retells how Robin and The Giant met and came to be close friends. We had written this story in the late 1980s and told it in the theme song to our children's radio program. We are creating a book that tells the same story using the Robin And The Giant children characters to bring it to life. The illustrations for this book are being done digitally.

The third project is tentatively being called "Oddysea." The artwork is noticeably different from the Robin And The Giant artwork as you can see from the attached pieces. This is a story for young adults. It is about learning to live in a different environment and features mythical humanoid characters that can breathe both under water and out of the water. The artwork on this project is also done digitally.

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