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Message In A Bottle

Our new book, "The Kite Tail Wish," is now published as an e-book for Amazon's Kindle! YAY! We also made it available as a free download for teachers on the Book Creator website. We are quite excited. Making the book available is akin to tossing a message in a bottle into the sea. You never know who will find it, you never know when someone might find it, you never know how it will be reacted to, and you never even know if you'll ever reach anyone at all!

The task of creating this book has been a rather long journey. The story was refined several times and the illustrations were a true labor of love. Our characters, Robin and The Giant, have truly become a part of ourselves (or maybe we have become a part of THEM!) and along the way we even had ideas that we will nurture into future books (give us a day or two to breathe and we'll be fine).

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