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No Favorites

We have been creating songs and stories for so long now that we have lost count of the number. The number of publicly available songs and stories is easier to determine because they have, for one reason or another, passed through the "veil of obscurity" but they don't necessarily become favorites for us. It is similar to children. You love them all and you don't have favorites.

So, while we are focusing on the Robin And The Giant projects, we didn't want to forget some of the other work we are equally fond of and proud of. While learning how to create the ebook "The Kite Tail Wish" it became clear that we should use our new skills (before they fade) and apply them to our other works.

With that established, we proudly introduce you to "Live To Sniff: A Tale Of Two Pups," "The Gift Of The Barking Frog (and Other Gifts From The Heart)," "Oreo And Braun: XOB The Full Circle Quest," "Guardians Of The Apple Tree Seedlings," and "Barefoot Billetdoux."

Please note that "Guardians Of The Apple Tree Seedlings" and "Barefoot Billetdoux" are not books for children.

"Oreo And Braun: XOB, The Full Circle Quest" is for young readers and is not illustrated and "The Gift Of The Barking Frog" is a collection of 56 of the stories we wrote for our children's radio show in the 1990s. This book is also not illustrated.

We have always felt that the self-publishing route seems to make the price of the tangible book a little cost prohibitive and that is why the world of e-books has really been exciting for us.

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