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Old Dogs Learning New Tricks

We've been writing Robin And The Giant stories and songs since 1988. In other words, we have been around a while. Our first embrace of computer technology was with word processing. We easily saw the benefits of using word processors, and later, computers, to write our stories. It was a big leap forward from typewriters and paper.

Our second leap into the digital age was when we ceased recording on audio tape and transitioned over to computer programs. Mostly we used Sony Acid Pro and Apple Logic Pro. We also used Garage Band.

But, until now, we have always used traditional media to create our art. For example, pastels were used for the book "Live To Sniff" and for the cover of our CD "Wonder World." And acrylic paint was used for the cover of "Partners In Rhyme."

"Robin And The Giant Adopt Mockey Grable" is also rendered in acrylic paint.

Well, we have finally caved to digital for our artwork in our newest project, tentatively titled, "Robin And The Giant Spend Their Allowance." Learning digital art is, as everyone who has done it before us has said, a "learning curve." So much time was spent experimenting, practicing the use of these new digital tools, and simply learning.

And the verdict?

We love it! Looks like we have finally arrived in the 21st Century!

Enjoy the attached video.

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