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Robin And The Giant:The Prequel

We've been "Robin And The Giant" for a long time. When we decided that it was time to render our alter-egos as children we used the artwork for our Back To School Special, "cartoonized" it, and suddenly our characters had a re-birth (of sorts).

Writing stories for the Robin and The Giant Radio Show was always fun for us and now that we have breathed new life into our creation we are very excited to introduce our newest project called "Storybook Railroad."

"Storybook Railroad" is a podcast for children. The stories featured on the podcast are written and read by ourselves. We'll be drawing from stories we wrote in the 1980s and 1990s and we'll also be writing new stories for the podcast.

Here is a photo of the NEW Robin And The Giant. We call this photo: Robin And The Giant: The Prequel.

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