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The legendary friendship Of a dolphin and a girl

First came the song, Aegir And Melina. The original song was written in 1974. It stayed in a box for 17 or 18 years. During those years the song was pulled from the box now and then and played live on a guitar. Those performances usually took place in someone's living room or maybe on someone's porch.

The song became a story in 1991 or 1992 when we were broadcasting the Robin And The Giant radio show for children. In writing the story it became necessary to change it so that it was more of a children's story. Aegir, who was a whale for 18 years, would now be a dolphin.

The format of the radio show was for us to open with dialogue between the two of us, then read a story we wrote, and then play a song that went with the story. So, of course, the song needed to be re-written to match the newer version of the story.

Again, Aegir And Melina existed in a box. In 2007 we dug through that box and self-published the book, "The Gift Of The Barking Frog" with 56 of our stories, including "Aegir And Melina."

Now, eleven years later, we are once again reviving, and re-writing, the love story of a singing girl and a dancing dolphin. We hope that this story is well received after 44 years and is finally out of the box.

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