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The Million Dollar Giggle

Ever know someone with a "million dollar smile"? You know. Someone with a bright and positive attitude whose presence brightens a room and who seems to have a wonderful aura about them. Well today we heard a "million dollar giggle."

Our giggler was a little girl looking at our now self-published book titled "The Kite Tail Wish." That little giggle made our day, brightened our hearts, and brought a glow to OUR very being! Wow! And then, when her Mom was done reading to her we heard her say the best three words we could ever wish for: "READ IT AGAIN!"

We weren't sure about self publishing but today's bright little moment definitely confirmed for us that we did the right thing.

The hard part of today's happy moment was the question: "Is there another Robin and The Giant book?" We looked at each other because the answer is, "Well, yes, but it is not finished yet."

So, whatever happens today, our day has become exponentially brighter because of the "million dollar giggle" of a little child.

Here is a link to the ebook version on Amazon: "The Kite Tail Wish."

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