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Tower Of Pizza

We are finally beginning a new storyline and eventual book for Robin And The Giant in which Robin is studying under a Gypsy, from Italy.

The Gypsy, named Polline, teaches Robin, (who, in turn, teaches The Giant) about dancing in the rain instead of avoiding it, enjoying daily chores instead of despising them, and even about embracing difficult people and situations instead of being defeated by them.

Robin meets Polline because of a role in a TV commercial that her Mom has cast her in (her parents both work for an advertising agency in New York City).

The series of circumstances Robin and The Giant find themselves in will be revealed in upcoming posts. For now, here is the (tentative) first illustration for the book. In this illustration Robin and The Giant are eating at their favorite Italian Restaurant. The Giant stacks several slices of pizza and declares, "I've always wanted to go to Italy to see the Leaning Tower of Pizza."

Robin says, "PISA, Giant! PISA. P-I-S-A. Not pizza!"

The Giant is impressed, "How do you know so much about Italy?"

Robin replies, "I'm studying about Italy from a Gypsy named Polline. She's teaching me all kinds of cool stuff!"

Here is the artwork:

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