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Ministry Art

All of the artwork on this page is by artist Larry Whitler and is free to download and free to use for personal use only. You may also display prints of these paintings in your home, your office, your church, your school, or in any public place. We only ask that you please do not sell the files or sell any prints made from the files.

Enjoy the art and thank you for your support!

Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane

The Alongsider Series

The seven paintings displayed below are from a collaboration with Pastor Jeffrey Shanks of St. John Lutheran Church in Ocala, Florida, who worked with artist Larry Whitler to create the Alongsider Series of paintings for Advent.

Thank you for your support!

Scripture Pictures

The paintings displayed below are by artist Larry Whitler coupled with scripture that either inspired the painting or seemed to fit the mood of the painting.

Thank you for your support!

Hand Painted Watercolor Cards

The images below are high-resolution digital reproductions of hand-painted greeting cards. You may download and print these for personal use only.

Thank you! Your support helps us keep these downloads available!


Robin MacBlane -

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