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Who are Robin And the Giant?

The simplest answer to the question "Who are Robin And The Giant?" is to say they are two characters created by Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler. 

The characters were created in 1988 for a series of children's audio cassettes that began with a cassette album titled "Time To Learn" which taught basic things to children like the alphabet.

In that early incarnation of the characters, Robin was a movie star and The Giant was a security guard at an airport. The two met one day when a crowd of fans anxious to meet Robin got out of control and The Giant was summoned to handle the situation.

Robin and The Giant had quite different life experiences but became best friends.

Robin lived a life of extravagance, always ate healthy foods, had a chauffeur named Kenneth, and preferred five-star hotels.

The Giant lived a simpler life. His diet was hot dogs, usually from Martin The Hot Dog Chef, took the subway to get around, and preferred camping outdoors.

Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler developed the characters of Robin And The Giant into numerous albums and eventually a weekly radio program for children that featured original stories, songs, and dialogue.


In "The World Of Robin And The Giant," MacBlane and Whitler have reinvented their beloved characters as two children living in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

Attending 3rd grade at PS 33, at eight years old, The Giant has the prestigious assignment of being a hall monitor. One day he finds himself handling a crowd of students anxious to meet their newest classmate, eight year old Robin.


Robin, who has moved to New York City from Los Angeles is already a celebrity having starred in a breakfast cereal commercial.


There is really much more to the story of Robin And The Giant. As new books and other material is produced and published we will continue to include it on this website!


Thank you!


Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler as children

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